ex Gruppo Accelerato Progetto
Xml Signature & Encryption
@ UniversitÓ di Pisa

Gapxse is Java api implementation of the w3c Ietf Recommendation Xml Digital Signature that support almost all features of the interoperabily matrix and is issued under the LPGL license.

The project started on May 2001 at the Department of Computer Science in Pisa, during the activities of the so called "Nicchia Sicurezza delle Reti Informatiche" and served as thesis for the members of the group.

From Febrary 2002, after leaving the dept, the original team broke up and after a little change in the roster, decide to appear on sourceforge in searching of new jobs, members, partners ....

  • The Latest developement version is the 0.7 can be tested by anyone in 5 minutes without learnig the full api, but using the "so called" template input method. In short we can build a new Signature directly from a Xml file that conntains an element Signature, this file will be a sort of "template" where extract the information to generate a new valid Signature.

  • During test labs, Gapxse has been proved to be completely interoperable with the Apache Xml Security toolkit and Ibm Security Suite: in the sense you can sign with Gapxse and verify with Apache/Ibm and viceversa.